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Great success for the Fiera del Marrone

In 2018, the Cuneo Brown National Fair reached the prestigious milestone of the twenty editions.

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The inauguration is scheduled for Friday 19th October at 11.00 in the Sala San Giovanni in via Roma.


And this year too, the organization, coordinated by the Councilorship to Manifestazioni del Comune led by Paola Olivero, with the support of numerous institutional and private partners, among which Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism, Region, Province, Chamber of Commerce , Coldiretti, Confagricoltura, Italian Confederation of Farmers, Confartigianato and Slow Food, has taken care of every detail to get back a great success. And, as usual, at least 200 thousand people are expected in the capital of the “Granda”.

The inauguration is scheduled for Friday 19th October at 11.00 in the Sala San Giovanni in via Roma. Then the same day and Saturday 20, from 9 to 23, and Sunday 21, with hours 9-21, free admission, the historic city center, Piazza Virginio, Piazza Galimberti and Piazza Europa, will offer the showcase of the typical excellences and traditions cultural heritage.

In a triumphal walkway of flavors, perfumes, agro-food colors and works of artisan creativity. With the presence of 286 exhibitors carefully selected and, therefore, able to guarantee the quality of the products on show. All enriched by educational workshops, musical and cultural events, conferences, shows, sporting events, tourism proposals, exhibitions and workshops on grandmother’s recipes prepared by professional chefs.

Without forgetting, at the Toselli Theater, in Piazzetta Totò and Piazza Foro Boario, the 19th World Men’s Gathering: an initiative born to bring together those who remember the famous phrase of Totò “I am a man of the world: I did three years of military in Cuneo “he worked for one day at least in the” Granda “. But there will also be space for the Pro loco of the province that will present the dishes with the typical products of their territories, trying to recreate the pleasant atmosphere of the many village festivals. Then the cooking and tasting points of the roast chestnuts were confirmed in Piazza Galimberti and in Piazza Europa.

Furthermore, the event includes two conferences. The first, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce, is scheduled for Friday 19, at 3 pm, in the Hall of Honor of the Municipality of Cuneo. Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly, and Elma Schena, writer and expert in gastronomy, will dialogue with and on tourist and catering facilities.

Target? Deepen the challenges and opportunities of the reception and precious productions of the “Granda”. The second event, organized by the Italian Confederation of Farmers, is underway on Saturday 20, at 9.30, in the Sala Einaudi of the Centro Incontri della Provincia. Together with the meteorological expert, Luca Mercalli, we will discuss a very current topic: “Climate change and agriculture: a new challenge for our farmers”.

Then there are some news. The Gesso and Stura River Park, during the three days of the Fair, offers a more important presence with numerous scientific and environmental initiatives. Saturday 20 and Sunday 21, in the Music Halls of Piazza Foro Boario, the National Organization of Cheese Tasters (Onaf) takes care of the Cheese-Cheese Festival Competition in Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria. The aim is to enhance and spread in the best possible way the dairy “pearls” of southern Piedmont. The registered products will be evaluated by a national jury of Onaf master tasters.

The award ceremony, open to the public, will take place in the Sala Vercellotti of the Local Tourist Agency, also in Piazza Foro Boario. “The Fair – says the councilor at the Manifestazioni of the City of Cuneo, Paola Olivero – is one of the most important food and wine festivals in Italy: a unique opportunity to enjoy the genuineness of Cuneo. In the twenty editions he told about the excellence of our territory, thanks to the fundamental collaboration with the trade associations and not only. An organizational commitment always rewarded by the great presence of visitors coming from every part of Italy and from abroad “.

The satisfaction of the event is also expressed by the Regional Councilor for Mountain Development, Alberto Valmaggia, who, from 2002 to 2012, as mayor of Cuneo, has followed closely, succeeding, with the help of fellow administrators and the organizational team at that time, to get them, in 2009, the prestigious National Fair brand. “The event – underlines Valmaggia – has grown year after year, reaching the prestigious milestone of the twenty editions and important objectives at the food, wine and artisan level. To which, over time, moments of significant cultural and scientific importance have been added. Moreover, it represents a unique showcase for those who, with great effort and hard work, continue to cultivate the forest carrying out a valuable work to protect the territory The chestnut, humble fruit, but fundamental for the diet of the past and not only, makes us see very well the perspective of our lands, which must increasingly enhance their heritage and their territory “.

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