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The golden hunched Tinca of Pianalto di Poirino: small production rich in taste

This species, typical of the Roero cuisine, is soft and tasty, without the characteristic earthy taste of lower quality products.

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The golden hunched Tinca is a typical products of the Cuneo area.


Identikit and main features

The tinca of Poirino includes the tench fish (Tinta tinca specie), born and bred from tenches of the Pianalto areas. The main distinctive features of this fish are the golden-yellow colour and the hunchback back.

Area dof production

The area of production is Pianalto di Poirino, which includes 24 municipalities belonging to three different provinces. For what concerns the Cuneo province the area of production includes: Ceresole d’Alba, Baldissero d’Alba, Montà d’Alba, Montaldo Roero, Monteu Roero, Pocapaglia, Sanfrè, S. Stefano Roero, Sommariva del Bosco and Sommariva Perno.


The geological fenomenons which created the Altopiano di Poirino let us to think that the Tinca tinca was already present in the Pleistocene and in Neozoic period. The existence of the Tinca Gobba Dorata is proven by some documents date to the XIII century, which state the inhabitants of Ceresole d’Alba had to pay a tax on the tenches quantity. In the most recent years accounting documents witness the tenches breeding and selling activities until the ‘80s, when it became part of the agricultural activities.

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