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Barbaresco, not only in the name of the wine

Barbaresco arises on a hill in the heart of the Langhe, nearby the Tararo river; this place is famous thanks to the homonymic wine.

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The tower is the symbol of Barbaresco and from the top you can enjoy the view of the all-around villages.


What to see

The tower is the symbol of Barbaresco and from the top you can enjoy the view of the all-around villages and the Tanaro river, surrounded by the natural walls of the Alps. It was built at the end of the XI century, but we do not have many information about its construction, certainly it was part of a complex defense system and probably it was englobed in a castle. Since 1985 the tower is property of the municipality of Barbaresco and it has been restored several times.

The castle dates to the XVIII century and it was built at the behest of the counts Galleani. The structure is now the seat of the “Cantina Sociale del Barbaresco”, a very important local winery; it was created by Domizio Cavassa, the father of the Barbaresco wine, it was then used to produce also spirits.  Today is property of the Gaja family and after a total restoration it has returned to its origins.

In the central square of Barbaresco, since June 1999, a big sundial celebrates the cultivation of the vine with twelve images taken from an ancient trait about agriculture.

The parish church of San Giovanni Battista dates to 1728. It reflects the Baroque style and inside it has recently been enriched with paintings; the major altar is flanked on the left side by the chapel dedicated to the Madonna del Rosario and on the right by the one of San Giuseppe.

A fascinating view of the village with the prestigious snowy vineyards

Eat & Drink

The Barbaresco Aocg is one of the most prestigious wine in the world. The “Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco”, located in the ex-Confraternity of San Donato, is a point of reference for all the tourists, in fact here they can find more than 120 labels: about 90%  of the entire local wine production.

What’s on

  • Barbaresco a tavola: May
  • Piacere Barbaresco: October

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