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Castiglione Falletto: Unesco heritage

Castiglione Falletto is one of the village of the “Barolo Langhe”, so, since 2014 it is one of the six recognised areas included in the Unesco World Heritage.

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It is located very close to Barolo, La Morra and Alba.


What to see

Through via Roma you can reach the historical centre of Castiglione Falletto, where the main square is called “Balada” because, in the past, people came here to dance during the village events. On the right side there are the ruins of an ancient chapel dated XVI century and dedicated to San Rocco;  its entrance hosts a little shop of food and wine products. A modest uphill leads you to the ancient stronghold, the entrance of the building is located at the end of piazza Vittorio Veneto. Go down in via Marconi and turn left in via Cavour, you will see the high bastions, made up of sandstone with three towers. In front of the chapel of the Battuti Bianchi (White Penitents), dedicated to S. Anna, there is the entrance of the castle. In this little square there is the Romanic church of S. Lorenzo, which has been restored adding some Neogothic elements; from here you can see the castle of Serralunga and the vineyards od the Bassa Langa.

The castle of Castiglione Falletto was built at the behest of Bertoldo Falletti of Alba, who received this territory from the marquises of Saluzzo. The Falletti family have been the owners of this fief until the XVII century and decided to link their name to the village. Many families governed here, among those, Vassallo of Dogliani, who did many restorations works in the castle. Today it is still private and it conserves its Medieval charm. Come back in the central square crossing via delle Fontane: an ancient path which conserves three ancient terracotta tanks, which were used to cope with drought. If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the Langhe hills go straight in via del fossato, you will see the historical center and, finally, an astonishing landscape.

Eat & Drink

In the heart of the village, in a beautiful panoramic position, you can find the municipal winery, which hosts all the wines of the local producers and where you can taste the noble Barolo wine.

What’s on

  • Patronal Feast Sant’Anna: 26th July

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