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Neive, medieval beauty

Centro storico compatto ed integro nella sua bellezza, rendono questo magico borgo di Langa meta prediletta anche per la tradizione millenaria nella produzione di vino

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Meritano senza alcun dubbio una visita la chiesa parrocchiale dei Santi Pietro e Paolo e la chiesa della Confraternita di San Michele, entrambe costruite nel Settecento


Neive is considered one of the most beautiful boroughs of  Italy. It is located in the Langhe, between Barbaresco and Castiglione delle Lanze, about 10 km far from Alba. The most ancient part of the village was built on the hill, while the modern one extends in the plain. This division perfectly preserved the medieval borough.

What to see

The historical part of the borough develops all around the ancient stronghold, which is the most suggestive. The castle no longer exists, but it is possible to see the ancient medieval structure of the city with its typical red roof houses. From the city center you can enjoy a beautiful view on the vineyards. The entrance of the garden is enclosed in the walls on the southern part of the village, and it was projected by the architect Giovanni Antonio Borgese (1751), today we can see three double columns arches and a wrought iron gate surmounted by the arms of the Castelborgo family. Borgese projected also the confraternity of San Michele, realised between 1759 and 1789 reflecting the Baroque style of the Savoy: one nave and an high central dome.

Casa Cotto is the most ancient house of the borough, it date to the beginning of the XIII century: it is a fortress which belonged to a merchant family. The Clock Tower (1224) was built under the municipality of Asti. The monastery tower, instead, dates to the X century, it is Romanic and squared, it is all what remains of the ancient Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria del Piano which is located on the road towards Mango. Among the religious monuments in Neive you can visit two chapels (1500) dedicated to San Rocco and San Sebastiano. The chapel of San Rocco has a quadrangular plant with a porch and a bell tower. It is located just out of the southern walls, in front of the arch, which was part of the ancient doors of the village and which today joins the casa Demaria (XVI century) with the Castelborgo castle. The chapel was rebuilt in 1783, but the central part is original. Casa Bongioanni  is a precious monuments, saved from decay thanks to the current owners, it is finely decorated with stucco and elements of the time.

The chapel Riccardi Candiani, instead, is an important example of the twentieth-century art, it was built in the ‘20s and it is located in the local cemetery, not so far from the historical centre. It reflects the Neogothic style and presents terracotta decorations.

Eat & Drink

Neive is the land of four wines: Barbaresco, Barbera, Moscato and Dolcetto, which you can yaste in the Bottega dei Quattro vini in the ancient cellars of Palazzo Borgese.

For nature lovers

Among the vineyards around Neive, there are many interesting paths dedicated to the Dolcetto and Barbaresco wines, here you can walk, ride a bike or even a horse, enjoy!

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