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Bale d’Asu: a name that deceives

Although the term in Piedmont is translatable as “donkey balls” are not the testicles of the animal, but sausages of rounded shape.

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The Bale d’Asu are typical products of the Cuneo area.


Identikit and main features

The “Bala d’Asü” are made up by 30% cattle meat, 20% donkey meat and 50% pork meat and fat. To make the dough more tender, the lard of the pig’s gullet is added. After mincing, the meat is seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg, aromatic herbs and red wine. The mixture obtained is put in a gut bag which is stitched, still today, by hand.

Area of production

Municipality of Monastero di Vasco (province of Cuneo).


The production has always been handed down generation after generation. In the past, they were prepared only for the patronal feast which celebrated on 8th December. Today the production is ongoing all year round.

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