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Bonèt: the secret is cooking

In Piedmontese dialect the name of this delight means hat. The model generally worn at the end of the meal just like the perfect dessert ending of lunch or dinner.

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For presentation at the table remember that it is particularly pleasant, as well as tasty the contribution of macaroons left unused.



The Bonèt is a traditional piedmontese puding. Ingredients: eggs, sugar, milks, amaretti biscuits, cocoa powder and rhum. The recipe varies according to the area of production. In fact in same cases you can find it with Gentle Round hazelnuts, coffee or cognac.

Area of production

It is produced in the whole region.


The name ‘Bonèt” has more than a meaning in the Piedmontese dialect, generally it means ‘hat, cap’. The Piedmontese/Italian dictionary written by Vittorio Sant’Albino in 1859 suggests the name comes from the copper mold in which it was poured into, in fact it was hat-like. In the Langhe people say it has been called Bonèt because it was served at the end of the meal.

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