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Hazelnut cake, simple goodness

Dark ocher color, crisp and dry paste with an unmistakable aroma of toasted hazelnuts: these are the characteristics of a cake that has consecrated the uniqueness of the Tonda Gentile trilobata.

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Friable and dry is a perfect dessert when served with a glass of Passito or scented Moscato d’Asti.



The hazelnuts cake is a typical product of the Langhe. It weighs about 500-700g, it has a rounded-shape and a brownish colour. Ingrediets: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, hazelnuts flour, wheat flour, potato starch and vanilla.

Area of production

This is cake is produced in the Langhe and in the Cuneo province.


It is a typical cake of the Langhe area. The most famous cakes are produced in Cortemilia (CN).

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