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Quaquare di Genola: light and fragrant biscuit

It seems like the name derives from the dialect word that indicates the beetles, small insects widespread in the countryside of Cuneo. According to others, however, the name refers to the fact that these cookies were always prepared during May, the month of flight of the beetles.

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Perhaps not everyone knows that in the municipality of Genola there is a shared oven in which the inhabitants can bake this delight according to pre-established shifts.



The Quaquare of Genola are heart-shape biscuit, which reminds beetles, called “quaquare” in the Piedomontese dialect. Each biscuit is different because they are hand-made.  The colour depends on the cooking, but the fragrance is unique. Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, sugar, egg white and lemon peel.

Area of production

Quaquare are produced in the municipality of Genola in the Cuneo province and in the neighbouring districts.


Quaquare are typicals of Genola and they were generally produced in May for the patronal fest of San Mauriziano. These biscuits were stored for all the year in glass airtight jars to preserve the fragrance. This tradition has partly survived, in fact, the inhabitants, every year, in May  bake the biscuits in the country oven.

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