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Stuffed peaches, that goodness!

A very fast dessert to make, perfect to serve in the summer. They are prepared simply by cutting them in half, removing the core and filling the cavity with a mixture of amaretti and cocoa.

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For a pleasant contrast, you can serve the slightly warm stuffed peaches along with a scoop of cream or cream ice cream: the difference in temperature makes this pair quite irresistible.



Baked peaches, in Piedmontese language called “persi pien” are a traditional recipe. Ingredients: amaretti biscuits, cocoa powder and sugar.  Method: cut the peaches in half, removing the pits and scoope out some pulp from each half to combine with the filling made with cocoa powder and sugar and then bake. Some modern recipes includes also eggs, butter, hazelnuts and a drop of rhum or Moscato. The most suitable peaches for this recipe are the “pesche di vigna”, but you can use normal yellow or white peaches.

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This recipe was born to contrast the biterness of the ‘pesche di vigna’, cultivated in Piedmont. In the past, these peaches were consumed adding some sugar and, in the most ancient versions, the seed of the fruit was grated and consumed. Today people use crushed amaretti biscuits and sometimes adding eggs, butter and cocoa powder, but, luckily, the traditional recipe has never been changed completely. In Piedmont there are many fairs which celebrate this recipe and, in the past, people baked peaches and bread for this occasion.

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