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The White hen of Saluzzo at the end of the career makes good soup

It is one of the traditional breeds of hen in Piedmont, very rustic, suitable for free rooting in the meadows.

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The White hen of Saluzzo is a traditional breed, typical of the Cuneo area.


Identikit and main features

The White hen of Saluzzo is a small-medium sized hen with a 4-6 teeth red crest consisting, which is erect in the cock and hanging in the female. The jowls and cheeks are red, while the beak is yellow as the skin. The plumage is white with golden reflections on the neck and on the back. Its tail is white. The males weight at least 2.5kg while the females 2.2kg. The shell of the eggs is white. Its meat is fine and jowls are often used to make the “finaniera”, a typical Piedmontese recipe.

Area of production

The area of production includes the municipality of Saluzzo and the territories included between the province of Cuneo and Turin.


The origin of this specie dates to the XIX century, when it was discovered a particular type of white hen , different from the others for the reduced size and the tasty meats. The White hen of Saluzzo was bred in in Saluzzo area during the marquisate and in territories nearby the Province of Turin .The municipality of Cavour, in particular, was the seat of an important  poultry market, in which there have always been a significant sell of the Saluzzo hen, that, for this reason, is also known as “the white hen of Cavour”.

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