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Nostrale dell’Alpe, rarity of high altitude pastures

The Nostrale lends itself to flavor appetizers and pasta dishes and is excellent in combination with some types of fruit, as in risotto with pears where it is particularly tasty if left to melt, as well as in soufflés of potatoes with fondue.

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The Nostrale is packed exclusively during the period when the herds reach the high altitude pastures that traditionally coincides with the days between June and September.


Identikit and main features

The Nostrale dell’Alpe is a semi-fat cheese produced with cow’s milks, rarely mixed with goat’s or sheep’s milk, rennet and salt. It has never the same fragrance or taste, it depends from the producers. It has a cylindrical shape of 30cm diameter and 8-10cm high.  It can weights between 2 and 8 kg. There are two types of Nostale dell’Alpe: fresh and seasoned. The fisrt one has a thin yellow rind with a compact texture. The second one has a thicker brown rind with a grainy texture with a spicy taste. 

Area of production

The Nostrale d’Alpe is produced in the pastures of the Cuneo valleys.


In the Cuneo province the mountains pasture activities are still alive. Every year, about 35.000 cows and 30.000 goats and sheeps come from valleys to the mountains, in this way they can be fed with mountain forage and produce special cheeses. The Nostrale cheese has always been produced in the pastures of the Cuneo valleys.

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