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Sola, slightly “wrinkled” cheese

An ancient history, for this cheese with a thin and soft rind, soft paste, grayish color, still entirely handmade according to ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation.

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Sola is ideal to be enjoyed as an appetizer with jam like red onions or peppers jam.


Identikit and main features

The Sola (Sora or Soera) is a medium-seasoned or seasoned cheese, with a semi-soft texture. It is produced using sheep’s and goat’s milk that are normally not mixed together. The shapes is irregulat, generally it is squared with rounded angles, the weight varies from 2 to 4kg. This cheese is soft, white with a sweet taste. The rind is yellow or ivory depending on whether it has been produced using sheep’s or goat’s milk.

Area of production

The area of production corresponds to the south of the Cuneo province, in the areas between Mondovì and Cuneo.


La Sola è un formaggio che affonda le proprie origini nella tradizione degli alpeggi. Il nome deriva dal particolare aspetto assunto dalle forme alla maturazione che ricorda la suola delle scarpe. The Sola is a cheese which has very ancient origins and it is linked to the mountain pasture traditions. The name comes from its shape, which reminds the shoes sole.

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