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Tomino of Saluzzo taste sweet and milky

It is a fat, fresh, soft cheese. Once the milk was curdled, the pasta left there and eaten simply by taking it from the container, which is why this tomino should not be salted.

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Tomino of Saluzzo is a typical products of the Cuneo area.


Identikit and main features

The Tomino of Saluzzo is a cheese produced with raw cow’s milk; it has a very humid texture, it is not seasoned and it has a low and straight dimensions. The weight varies from 100 to 150 g, it has no rind and it is white, compact, soft and humid. Its taste sweet and milky.

Area of production

It is produced in the Saluzzo area, in particular in the municipalities od Bagnolo and Barge.


The Tomino of the Saluzzo valleys, as the “Tuma”, was produced in all the farms. In the past it was produced using skimmed milk, while today the tendence is to use raw cow’s milk.

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