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Valle Belbo potato: inimitable flavor in harmony with nature

The companies that grows it are about fifteen and use ancient natural methods.

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Valle Belbo potato is a typical products of the Cuneo area.



Identikit and main features

The Valle Belbo potato is characterised by its small-medium size and its organoleptic properties, which make it perfect to eat fresh. It is grown in hilly and mountain areas (up to 900 mamsl) and so it allow to reduce considerably the phytosanitary interventions. Many varieties are cultivated, but, thanks to the “Consorzio per la valorizzazione e tutela delle patate dell’Alta Valle Belbo” it has been possible to recover even some ancient types.

Area of production

The area of production included the followig munucipalities: Montezemolo, Sale delle Langhe, Sale San Giovanni, Camerana, Paroldo, Mombarcaro, Murazzano, San benedetto Belbo, Niella Belbo, Feisoglio, Cravanzana, Bosia, Castino, Roascio, Torresina, Castellino Tanaro, Igliano and Marsaglia.


The Belbo valley has always been characterised by this cultivation; the municipality of Mombarcaro was considered the village with the best  potatoes, so it had a strong demand also from the Liguria. The producers, still today, can sell easily their potatoes in Liguria and at higher prices just because they are from Mombarcaro, which is considered a mark of quality. In the past the potato varieties was different from today’s, the aim of the Consorzio is to recreate the ancient varieties to reintroduce them on the market. In 1998, just in Mombarcaro, was born Consorzio per la valorizzazione e tutela delle patate dell’Alta Valle Belbo”.

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