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Actinidia of Cuneo,uniqueness that gives value to the territory

Kiwi is an average caloric fruit that has a refreshing, diuretic and purifying action. Moreover, if taken regularly, it contributes to improve intestinal transit.

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Cuneo area, the second for production in Italy, includes ​​3,800 hectares and a production of about 835,000 quintals.


Identikit and main features

The actinidia of Cuneo, commonly known as kiwi fruit, belong to the Hayward variety. The fruit is a big ellipsoidal berry, its peel is very hairy and brownish. The colour of the inner part is a bright green and presents numerous seminal cavities inside which there are small black seeds which rounded a white core. It is produced between October and November.

Area of production

Plan and bottom-valleys areas of the Cuneo province.


The Actinidia was introduced for the first time in the Cuneo province in 1974, when about 1.900 plants were planted in three farms in Verzuolo. In the following years it spread in the current areas.

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