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Mela Rossa Cuneo Pgi: when climate diversity matters

Thermal excursions between day and night, especially in the period before the harvest: this is the secret of a fruit that starts off in the list of certified Italian apples.  

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The Cuneo Red apple Pgi can be eaten from appetizers to desserts or just like snack.


Identikit and main features

The Cuneo Red apple is a PGI product and it obtained crossing these following varieties only: Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji and Braeburn. The fruits, thanks to the favourable climate conditions, are carachterised by the intense red of the peel and by the bright.

Area of production

The area of production includes the municipalities of the Cuneo and Turin provinces between 280 and 650 mamsl.


The enlightment movement of the 18th century inspired many active research activities in Piedmont and also the creation of the first agricultural academies and associations, which worked to promote and improve new cultivation techniques. It is just in this period that new apple varieties have been created among those there is the red apple of Cuneo, particularly appreciated for its bright colour. The developing of the modern apple cultivation dates to the ’50-60s of the 20th century. In the ‘60-‘70s the name “Mela Rossa di Cuneo” was officialised and became to be mention in the accounting documents. In the ‘80s it has become the protagonist of fairs and exhibitions dedicated to professional agriculturist and costumers.

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