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Valle Bronda Apples: the inimitable taste of genuineness

With these apples is also produced the juice obtained by squeezing them. The juice is processed and packaged in a laboratory at the Professional Institute of Agriculture Verzuolo.  

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Valle Bronda Apples are typical products of the Cuneo area.


Identikit and main features

The apples of the Valle Bronda grow where the soil is particularly suitable for apple growing, which help the natural coulouring and make the pul crispy and juicy. In this area you can find in particular Golden Delicious apples, with yellow peel and many Red Delicious varieties, the perfumed Gala, the Jonagold, the Jubilee, the Elstar, the sweet Fuji and many other ancient and modern varieties such as the Morella. Moreover there are also present the cultivations of the Renette, with their acid taste.

Valle Bronda Apples

Area of production

The area of production includes thw whole territory of the Bronda valley, the municipalities of Brondello, Pagno, Castellar and the area of San Lazzaro (Saluzzo).

Landscape and product


Apples have always been cultivated in Valle Bronda, on hilly bottom-valley soils and behind the hilly slopes. In the last century, the oldest and most traditional varieties gradually gave way to the Golden Delicious, and to the large group of red-peel apples. The natural storage process was inside cellars dug underneath the houses, with the fruit carefully spread out on hay beds. Over 50 years ago, the crop was estimated, assessed and sold when the apple was still in its blooming period, quite a few months before harvest, at the total risk of the purchaser. Part of the local market of Saluzzo has slowly moved to Turin, where many growers currently sell their apples directly at local market, while, in the last ten years, there has been developed the direct selling in the farms, which enables the producer to have a good relationship with the consumer who is given information as well as the product.

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