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A theater season in Bra: two months full of events

The calendar of all events scheduled for February and March 2019.

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The Politeama Boglione Civic Theater was inaugurated on September 1, 1900 and hosts theatrical and musical festivals.


10 February 2019
Eva’s daughters 
With Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Michela Andreozzi e Vittoria Belvedere
Directed by Massimiliano Vado

Three women on the verge of a nervous breakdown are tied to the same man, a reckless politician, a corrupt and double agent, a premier candidate for the upcoming elections. A little ‘Pygmalion, a little’ Club of the First Wives, a bit ‘Witches of Eastwick, “Daughters of Eve” is the story of a solidarity between women, forced to stand back but able, if provoked, to pull out resources brilliant and reassemble, winning in the sprint.

24 February 2019
Playing with Orlando Assolo
With Stefano Accorsi e Marco Baliani
Directed by Marco Baliani

The show always starts from the two main love stories – the Orlando paladin who chases the beautiful Angelica and the Christian warrior Bradamante, in love with Ruggiero, a Saracen knight destined for conversion – and then multiply the characters, in a game of matches and rhymed rhymes at a galloping pace. “Playing with Orlando” will surprise the spectator who, after being taken to the playground, will suddenly find himself faced with something ancient, the feelings.

8 March 2019
Desperate housewives
With Nicola Pistoia, Gianni Ferreri, Max Pisu, Danilo Brugia
Directed by Diego Ruiz

Who said that men without wives can not get away with it? Four men, separated and rather green, they share an apartment unraveling between household chores, shopping at the supermarket and a difficult cohabitation. “Desperate Housewives” is a sparkling and engaging comedy, a light-hearted portrayal of a social reality that has sprung more recently to the headlines.

20 March 2019
Tonight you have dinner in bed!
With Miriam Mesturino, Alessandro Marrapodi, Giorgio Caprile and the extraordinary participation of Margherita Fumero
Directed by Giorgio Caprile
Production MC Sipario

Reading a message on her husband’s cell phone, a woman becomes convinced of being betrayed. How to take revenge? Here is the handy advice on a women’s magazine: “being fashionable and practicing group sex to get rid of the conjugal routine”. Under the pretext of not being left behind with the times and following fashion, the woman will persuade her husband to go the way … but the husband will try to avoid in every way to go to practice in a tourbillon of situations that will drag the protagonists in a cascade of misunderstandings and laughter.La commedia, scritta nel 1980 da Marc Camoletti e da lui stesso diretta la prima volta al Teatro Michel di Parigi, ha raggiunto le 1700 repliche. In questo adattamento moderno mantiene il ritmo e la vivacità delle commedie del vaudeville francese, il cui unico scopo è quello di far ridere.

27 March 2019
Opera Buffa. The magic flute and a hundred other bagatelle
With Elio (speaking voice and singer), Scilla Cristiano (soprano), Gabriele Bellu (violin), Luigi Puxeddu (cello), Andrea Dindo (piano)

An extraordinary Elio, in the double role of narrator and singer, gives life in the first part of the show to a reworking-rereading of the book “The Magic Flute” by Vivian Lamarque intertwined with parts of the original opera libretto, giving voice to the different characters and also interpreting vocally the famous aria and the duets of the Papageno follower. Texts and music alternate and integrate into the exquisite performances of the trio, Elio himself and the soprano Scilla Cristiano, interpreter of the three main female roles. The second part sees the two lead singers alternate in a lyric recital focused on the performance of some of the most famous arias in the repertoire for soprano and baritone.

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