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Teo Musso presents the citrus new Roxa beer

An amber-colored product with a balanced alcohol content. A Baladin specialty rich in aromas and flavors.

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Modern character, to be enjoyed during a chat and to combine with the typical pub dishes: this is the essence of the new ideation signed by the international brewery of Piozzo.


The history of Baladin was born in a pub, the historic Le Baladin di Piozzo. Became brewpub in 1996, initially concentrating its experimentation on beers served exclusively on tap and then move, first of all, to the distribution of his creatures in the bottle becoming a forerunner in the care of an alternative channel for beer: catering.

All this does not detract from Teo’s affection for the beer consumed at the counter, a special place where the customer becomes an integral part of a story, sharing with the publican impressions, comments and – often – even life stories.

From this thought comes ROXA, an amber colored beer with an alcohol content that makes it an ideal companion for this type of experience. Rich in aromas and flavors, it maintains a good balance despite the obvious bitter note. Teo does not deny his concept of reinterpretation of styles and the preference for contamination with spices, creating an American amber ale, characterized by citrus and bitter notes due to two elements: the use of hops in dry-hopping (cold infusion) and of the bitter orange rind accompanied by a caramelized and toasted malt for the recipe.

Roxa is a beer with a modern character, to be enjoyed during a chat and to combine with the typical pub dishes.

It can be enjoyed exclusively on tap because the counter is its natural habitat.

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