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Verduno: small town with great wines

Here is produced a very small very special aoc, with aphrodisiac effect: the Verduno Pelaverga.

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Verduno is part of the eleven municipalities where it is possible to vinify and produce Barolo.


The name Verduno comes from the Celtic and meand “flowered hills”; so it indicates a fertile place. The nearness to Pollenzo and Alba, along with some archeological discoveries show that this area was already inhabited in the Roman times.

What to see

The village is spread around the castle, which has always been an important point of reference during the centuries for the inhabitants. The current building was built at the behest of the Cajssotti at the end pf the first half of the XVIII century, following the project of Juvarra. During 1800 it became property of the king Carlo Alberto of Savoy, who used it as a summer residence and developed the production of the Barolo wine with the help of the oenologist Staglieno. At the beginning of the XX century is was ceded by the Savoy to the Borlotto family, who transformed part of it in a prestigious restaurant and hotel: the “Royal Castle”. The most suggestive place of the village is the piazza erbosa, to whom you can access only by foot from the square under the castle. In piazza Canonico Borgna don Pietro, the Baroque parish church of San Michele, which dates to the XII century, shows some echoes of Juvarra’s style. Near the church you can find the belvedere, a panoramic terrace which overlooks the hills of the Langhe and Roero.

Eat & Drink

One of the smallest Aoc of Italy: the Verduno Pelaverga. It is a very particular wine, its colour tends to the ruby red and it shows a bouquet of intense aromatic notes of white pepper, flowers and strawberry. 
The Verduno sausage, a Pdo product, to eat rigorously raw.


  • Festa del Verduno Pelaverga: first Sunday of September

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