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In Monticello Valerio Berruti turns a wall into a work of art

The work is called “Frammenti” and the artist from Alba thought about something that could be “educational”.

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With this work the artist wants to underline the need to be responsible for what we have.


It is a hundred frescoed and partly enamelled white concrete panels: a sort of puzzle with bodies, heads and legs that generate countless children, all different and all the same.

The opportunity came thanks to a loan of over 50 thousand euros from the Crc Foundation’s “Call for Destruction”, which aims to restore the beauty of a landscape and environmental context and involve the communities in taking charge of the place, through participation processes.

Valerio Berruti has finished making the work in October, but the inauguration will take place on April 5th because the ivy needs time to grow and creep into the tiles and it will be only in the summer that you will appreciate the project completely accomplished. Maybe even at night, thanks to a suggestive LED lighting.

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