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Panna cotta, succulent and delicate dessert

A delicate and refined taste of which there are many variations and that lends itself to many accompaniments: from caramel to chocolate, from jam to fresh fruit coulis.

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The scented caramel topping gives this Piedmontese tradition an extra edge, but there is no lack of tempting mint or citrus geleè for a guaranteed success.



The panna cotta is a traditional piedmontese pudding. It very delicate and white puddig, covered with caramel. Ingredients: liquid cream, milk, iced sugar and gelatin. Sometimes it is prepared using rhum, Marsala liquor and coffee.

Area of production

It is produced in the whole Piedmont.


The tradition tells the panna cotta was created by an Hungarian woman who was living in the Langhe at the beginning of the 20th century.

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