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Dogliani: the “Festival della Tv e dei nuovi media” is back!

From 2nd to 5th May the city will become a national lab where people will talk about the today and tomorrow television.

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Dogliani hosts the only Italian festival dedicates to the TV, and it has become a point of reference for experts and for people: a place where you can discover and better understand the tv we will watch in the future.

The Festival is free and you can reach it from Piazza Umberto I or Piazza Carlo Alberto, where you can attend workshops about the contemporary multiplatform communication, thanks to sessions dedicated to current affairs,  inquiries, culture and entertainment. The main national broadcasters and the big TV protagonists of the Italian television will tell about their careers  and will discuss about the new ways of communicate.

The central theme of next edition will be “Perceptions”: «We built a world which seems us real because it is useful. But the awareness about the difference between reality and its shades can lead us to develop a new creativity and innovation in work as well as in love. Is this awareness present in each of us? How do the media influence our perceptions and our minds? Are the mass media a modern Agorà? Are they a new way to measure the politic? Do the TV broadcasts influence the evolution of our social behaviours? Do the documentaries reinvent our history?

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