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Reopening: the Forte di Vinadio is back with many new paths

On Wednesday 1st May, with a wide range of routes and activities dedicated to families and children, the Artea Foundation reopens the Forte di Vinadio to the public.

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For info, tel. 340 4962384.


The 2019 season celebrated the Forte di Vinadio as the ideal location for kids, teenagers and their families. Starting from the “family and kids friendly” concept of the museum, the municiplaity of  Vinadio and its partners, Fondazione Artea, Unione Montana Valle Stura and La Fabbrica dei Suoni soc. coop. Onlus provided this place with some special structures to make Vinadio a place suitable for families: a place where you can listen to stories, play, run and, of course….relax! Meantime have been created many solutions to make the historical path interesting also for kids. Children from 3 to 5 years old can enjoy themselves with the path “Sua maestà il Forte” and discover the secrets and the story of the place, through a sensorial itinerary with a personal book and with the Piccione Tino’s and  Sergente del Fortino’s mascots. Children from 6 up to 12 years old can join the “Il diario del soldato”.  Also in this case, Colombo Tino will guide the journey to the place where the military dovecote is located, where the friendly mascot will finally feel at home, and let his friends relax too; at the end of the visit they will have completed their educational booklet, a sort of travel diary, full of activities and games. Finally, the older children are entrusted with the important mission of saving the church of San Fiorenzo, destined to be destroyed during the construction of the fortress. Through the free Kurubik app, participants will be involved in an exciting treasure hunt that will take them to the solution.

The courtyard of Porta Neirassa has become a Relax Area and provided with sofas, umbrellas and equipment for children to play and promote rest. The space is also ideal for laboratory activities and birthday parties.

During all the month of May you can visit the fortress every Sunday and holidays from 10 am to 7pm, while in June it will be open even on Saturday from 2.30 pm to 7 pm. Specific timetables will be published monthly until the end of October.

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