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Antico Borgo

The way Claudio Bergese interprets the cooking is a perfect synthesis among love, dedication and a deep respect for tradition.

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Località Monchiero Alto, 3
12060 Monchiero CN
Tel 348 4900002 –


The Antico Borgo cuisine is honest, simple and it relies on something unique such as handmade fresh pasta, that witnesses the value of the handcrafted creations and a tradition which is able to innovate itself, offering new experimentations and pairings. If you choose to have a rest at the Antico Borgo Restaurant you will try something special: not only the chef’s cuisine, but also his personal style.

Claudio Bergese, who is assisted by two young and talented chefs, bases his philosophy on the respect of raw materials. Products are mostly bought fresh from local producers: it is the season which decides the recipes proposed at the restaurant. The menu is always a perfect union between the traditional and familiar recipes handed down generation after generation andinnovation. 

Claudio Bergese states the food tradition and the origin of raw materials are two fundamental partners to be faithful to.
So he decided to create two different and complementary realities: a classical and elegant restaurant, where the menu proposed is absolutely innovative thanks to the genuineness of the local products, which are sapiently paired with less usual ingredients and then the “Osteria del Borgo”. This tavern is an elegant expression of simplicity, a nice place to enjoy a new way to eat, appreciating, every day, the authenticity of the traditional dishes such as: beef slices with tuna sauce, tajarin, plin ravioli, braised beef with Barolo, bonèt (pudding)…Unforgettable recipes that satisfy also the expectations of the foreign costumers. All dishes are served along with prestigious wine labels, those wines “made in Langhe”, which have become international brands of quality.

Moreover the chef offers also a catering service which perfectly represents his passion for the good cuisine. The catering service is suitable for weddings, parties and corporate events. 

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