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VINUM, the “full immersion” in the enology of the territory

From April 25th to 28th, May 1st and May 4th and 5th May the squares of Alba will welcome those who want to appreciate the best of local wine production.

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Vinum”, the International fair dedicated to the wines produced in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, organised by the Ente Internazionale del tartufo bianco d’Alba, is an event that never tires. Every year is always easier to find a reason to attend “Vinum”, enjoining a unique experience in the “biggest open air winery in Italy” and discovering the capital of the Langhe, among the hills, which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, and that have been celebrated as an unmissable place to visit in 2019 by the “Lonely Planet Travel Guide”.

At the end of April, (from 25th to 28th, Wednesday 1st May and the week-end of 4th and 5th May) the centre of Alba will become a real borough dedicated to wine and to many other local excellences, with many interesting cues to discover new flavours and joining activities suitable for family and friends.

The tastings proposed, with about 800 labels and 400 producers, will be accessible buying a special “carnet”; wines can be sipped along with special and quality recipes created by the “street food ëd Langa”. 10 refreshment points, organised by the boroughs which joined the “Giostra delle cento torri”, by Alba Accademia alberghiera and the Alba butchers association, which will be located in the city centre offering more than 50 recipes prepared with the main local principals. You will find the PGI pepper, the PDO Piedmont cheese, the fassona meat and the PGI hazelnut, up to the Madernassa pear of Guarene and Roero. The “street food ëd Langa”, served in mono portions, will allow visitors to taste the excellences of the territory walking among the streets of the city, sipping a glass of good wine.

In the “Giacomo Morra” palace located in piazza Medford you will taste the great red wines of the Langhe:Ba­rolo Docg, Barba­resco Docg, Do­gliani Docg superiore, Diano d’A­lba Docg superiore, the Langhe Freisa Aoc, the  Langhe Nebbiolo Aoc, the Nebbiolo d’Alba Aoc and the Verduno Pelaverga Aoc.

The stalls dedicated to the white wines produced in Monferrato will be in piazza Galimberti, where people can taste: the Albugnano Aoc, the Barbera d’Asti Aocg, the Corte­se dell’alto Monferrato Aoc, the Dol­cet­to d’Asti Aoc, the Freisa d’Asti Aoc, the Malvasia di Castelnuo­vo Don Bo­sco Aoc, the Monferrato Aoc, the Pie­mon­te Aoc and the Ruchè Casta­gno­le Mon­ferrato Aocg. In piazza Risorgi­men­to the Consortium for the protection of Roero will introduce the Roero Arneis Aocg (white wine produced with Arneis grapes) and theRoero Aocg (red wine produced with Nebbiolo grapes). 

There will be also a space dedicated to the Alba producers, with their Barbera d’Alba Aoc, Dol­cetto d’Alba Aoc and Nebbiolo d’Alba Aoc.  In the courtyard of the Maddalena will be held a section dedicated to the Dolcetto, in the following variants: Diano d’Alba Aocg, Do­gliani Aocg and Dolcetto d’Alba Aoc. In the same place you can taste the Brachetto d’Acqui Aocg and the Gavi Aocg. The tasting table dedicated to the white wines produced in the Langhe will be hosted in piazza San Paolo, a new appointment in the “Vinum” programme, where you can taste: the Langhe Arneis Aoc, the Langhe Char­donnay Aoc, the  Langhe bianco Aoc, the Langhe Favorita Aoc, the Langhe Sauvignon Aoc and the Langhe Nascetta Aoc.

During “Vinum”, all evenings, the city will offer the “Vinum Happy Hours” with glasses of Alta Langa Aocg served with tasting “finger food”.

Also the kids will be happy: in fact in the courtyard of the Maddalena will host the “Vinum kids”, a spacial area where to discover the value of the wine through handcrafted wood toys.

It is easy to pair cheese and wine…If you know how to do it…

The exhibitions and meetings palce “Giacomo Morra”, located in piazza Medford, will become the “island of cheeses”. The great shop window of the piedmontese dairy productions is the result of the collaboration between the Onaf (the national association of the cheeses tasters) , the Consortium for the protection of the Robiola of Roccaverano PDO and the Consortium for the protection of the Murazzano PDO cheese. You can taste free all these cheese, but you can also attend on pf the labs dedicated to the “Local cheeses and wines”: special moments which make learning a real pleasure.

 “Carnet”: many different buying solutions and “online” discounts

The access to all squares and palaces where “Vinum” is hosted is free. To taste is it possible to buy a “wine tasting carnet”, that includes: a wine glass, a pocket for the wine glass, 16 tastings (6 great red wines of the Langhe, 2 Roero Acogs and Roero Arneis Aocg, 1 wine produced in Alba, 2 Dolcetto, 1 Monferrato wine, 1 white Langhe wine,  1 Asti Aocg (dry or sweet) or Moscato Aocg, 1 grappas, 1 Bracchetto d’Acqui Aocg or Gavi Aocg).

The carnet gives you many discounts for the main services and cultural attractions in the city of Alba, for example it is included the “2×1” formula with gives you the “two for one deal” for many museums and monuments. 

14 gourmet experiences scheduled thanks to “Vinumcantina”, among Langhe, Roero and Monferrato

So if the first past editions were “sold out”, well, everything happens in threes. “Vi­numInCan­ti­na-Food & wi­­ne experience” come back with an experience to satisfy the exigencies of the gourmet tourists through the visits among the most prestigious wineries of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, tasting appetizers prepared by famous chefs.

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