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Moscato d’Asti La Caudrina

The Caudrina wine farm, has always been linked to the Dogliotti family, now in the third generation, is the protagonist of the quality renaissance of the Moscato. Alessandro, Marco and Sergio, under the lead of their father Romano they carry on the familiar traditional Moscato production along with many other important labels.

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Grape types
Moscato bianco.

After the harvest, which is carried out by hand, the grapes are delicately pressured and the must obtained is make brighter thanks to a filtration process. The grapes juice is conserved in cold storage tanks until the time of the autoclave processing to obtain a lively wine through a controlled temperature fermentation with selected yeasts. 

Main features
Persistent straw yellow colour; aromatic scent with delicate floral shades; the taste is sweet, slightly acid, with a delicate aroma.

Biscuits, panettone or Easter dove cake.

Service temperature
6°- 8°C (43° F – 47° F)

About… Moscato.

Moscato is an aromatic wine recognised with the AOC denomination and it is produced in 52 municipalities spread around the provinces of Alesandria, Asti and Cuneo. It can be tasted still or sparkling and its alcohol content is included between 4.5 and 6.5%. Its particular sweetness is due to a partial fermentation of the sugar contained in the grapes.

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