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“Message on the Bottle” in Barolo

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May will take place the first edition of the temporary exhibition dedicated to the precious labels given by the professor Cesare Baroni Urbani di Sirolo to the municipality of Barolo.

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From WiLa of Barolo to the castles of Langhe and Roero to show visitors the history of the wine. The Barolo & Castles Foundation  organises the first edition of “Message on the Bottle”: a temporary exhibition dedicated to the most important labels of labels given by the professor Cesare Baroni Urbani di Sirolo to the municipality of Barolo which are conserved in the Falletti’s castle, where it is also hosted the WiMu.

More than 282 pieces, from 1700 to nowadays, represent the major international wine producers recognised by the UN.

To make the exhibition more interesting and create a circuit of historical manors, the Barolo & Castles Foundation has created an exhibition with the most important wine labels in the castles of the Langhe and Roero,  each one is set up with a different theme and which tells something about the history of the Urbani’s collection: from Marco Polo’s journey (in Perno), to the creation of the Barolo myth (in Grinzane) and all the wines produced in the Langhe (in Serralunga) and in the Roero area (Monteu Roero), up to the “Grande Viaggio della Vite” set up in the permanent exhibition in Barolo

Here, starting from the Caucasus, the itinerary will guide visitors along the roads taken by the domestic vine during almost 6,000 years of history.

The exhibition will be open for three weekends in May, but the initiative could  be replicated involving other structures, both public and private, not only in the Piedmont area, but in Italy and in Europe.

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