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Cuneo turns pink for the Giro d’Italia

From this week-end the façade of the city hall will be illuminated in pink to celebrate the Giro d’Italia, which will be in Cuneo next 23rd May. The Cuneo-Pinerolo starting, with a modified path, celebrates the historical competition held in 1949, when the winner was Fausto Coppi.

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It will be a great occasion to celebrate the centenary anniversary of his birth. Fausto Coppi is the undiscussed protagonist of the prestigious “Fausto Coppi” marathon, which has reached its 32nd edition this year. 

For the 2019 Giro d’Italia, Cuneo turns pink and promotes many side events dedicated to the world of the bycicles. 

Sunday 19th May will take place the 20th edition of “Bimbimbici”, organised by the Fiab Bicingiro association to promote the sustainable mobility education and street safety rules. This bike tour is dedicated to kids, families and schools, it provides a path, 9km long, among the city streets. 

Tuesday 21st May at 5.30 pm at Open Baladin brewery (piazza Foro Boario), Paolo Viberti, famous writer of Tuttosport, will present his last book “Coppi l’ultimo midterm”: an unpublished story about Fausto Coppi’s life, the way he contracted malaria, why he probably refused quinine, his relationship with the Geminisni family and his strong desire to produce mountain bike 40 years in advance  compared to the rest of the world. 

On Tuesday at 9 pm at the Monviso Cinema will take place  the meeting “Teniamo le distanze… perché siamo sulla stessa strada” by Paola Gianotti and Marco Cavorso, creators of the projects “Io rispetto il ciclista” and “Il Giro di Paola”. 

Endurance biker, Paola Gianotti has been 3 times champion of the Guinness World Record (she is the fastest woman in the world, in fact, she cycled the world in 144 days, she crossed the 48 states of the US in 43 days and Japan by bike). Marco Cavorso is the ACCPI safety delegate (Associazione Corridori Ciclisti Professionisti Italiani) and the daddy of Tommy,  who died when he was only 14 years old, while he was training with his bike. Cavorso is also the author of the book “Tommy sapeva correre”. 

On stage with them, to reflect on safety, there will be also Marco Scarponi, representative of the Michele Scarponi Foundation and brother of the homonym champion who died during a training due to a violent accident caused by a van, Emma Mana, organisers of the Fausto Coppi marathon and Paolo Viberti.

The morning of Wednesday 22nd May will be dedicated to the “Giro di Paola con il Girino d’Italia”. At 8.30 am from piazza Galimberti will start the  12th stage of the project created by Paola Gianotti, who will run across all the stages of the 102^ edition of the Giro d’Italia in advance to promote sensibility about  road safety and put the light on the project “Io rispetto il ciclista”, created with the help of Marco Cavorso. 

Meantime kids aged 0-6 years will put on the show the “Girino d’Italia: un giro dI TAgLIA piccola”. Pink dressed, they will run across the city centre along with educators, teachers and families with bycicles, tricycles and strollers and to welcome the Cuneo-Pinerolo and spread the values of the safety road and respect for the weak users.

From 4.30 pm, in piazza Virginio, will take place “Ruote, pedali e fantasia”, an entire afternoon dedicated to animation, theatre and fun for kids and their families, organised by the Compagnia teatrale del Melarancio and the association Albero del Macramè. At 9 pm, in the same square, you can see the documentary film “Wonderful losers: a different world”, about the greatest gregarious, who helped the champions to cross the finish line 

On this occasion the “Fausto Coppi 9h19’55” – L’uomo, la tappa, il mito” exhibition will be extraordinary opened until 11pm.

On 22nd and 23rd May you can join the event “Vetrine con aperitivo in rosa e piatto in rosa” promoted by WeCuneo, ConfCommercio and Conitours.

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