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Dogliani Superiore Docg Bricco Botti

The wine farm Pecchenino was founded at the end of ‘700. It has always been family run and the lands handed down generation after generation. 70% of this company vineyards are cultivated with Dolcetto vines and the remaining parts are dedicated to the Barbera, Nebbiolo, Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc cultivations. Moreover this company has many territories located in the municipality of Monforte d’Alba, one of the most important area for the Barolo production. In Località San Giuseppe it is produced the cru “Le Coste”, while in Località Bussia it will be produced the cru “Bussia Corsini”.

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Grape types

Maceration with the peels for 25 days.

Two years into big durmast barrels.

Main features 
Intense ruby red colour; currant, black cherry and blueberry scent, with notes of laurel, tobacco, black olives, incense and leather notes; the taste is juicy, rich with a long persistence.

Feathered game meat such as grilled quails.

Service temperature
16 – 18° C (61° F -65° F)

About… Dolcetto.

The Dolcetto is a native vine and in the Cuneo area it is represented by two AOCG labels: the Dolcetto Superiore di Dogliani or Dogliani and the Dolcetto of Diano d’Alba or Diano d’Alba.  In the past is was used as a trade goods in exchange of Liguria oil, anchovies and salt, fundamental ingredients to make the traditional “Bagna Caoda”. In the Cuneo area, instead, the dolcetto grapes were exchanged for calves bred in the valley. The Dolcetto wine reached a great success in the ‘70s-‘80s when it was the king of the daily lunches; its name comes from the sweetness of its grapes pulp. According to the cultivation area and the winemaking method it the Dolcetto can be a fresh and very versatile wine, optimum with many different recipes.

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