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Degustibus 2019 in Cuneo

From 24th to 26th May the food and wine tour will invade the city with street food, Italian typical products, show cooking, food experience, beer to beer and music.

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Associazione Culturale ALL 4U
Tel: 339.6505277


Degustibus wants to create a special  itinerant food and wine tour to enhance and valorise the local identity of Piedmont and the whole Italian territory.


24th May
THE PUSHIT Live in Piazza Foro Boario

This band plays a historical repertoire from the ‘50s. All the best song  by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and more!

25the May
IRON MAIS Live in Piazza Foro Boario

Overwhelming with their agricultural rock, back from X-Factor, they are ready to conquer the stage of Degustibus with a mixture of country, folk and rock, wrapped in their inevitable irony. The most extravagant, overwhelming and irreverent band of the new Italian music scene.

26th May
LOU TAPAGE Live in Piazza Foro Boario

Rock-folk group born in 2000 in the south west of Piedmont whose music ranges from the rhythm of the Occitan folk dances to the Irish airs, from the Italian-French singer-songwriter to the Celtic music, all linked by its own eclectic leitmotif. The meetings, show cooking and workshops will take place within the Baladin structure.

Wine Experience
A tour inside the city with some stations dedicated to Italian wine from north to south. It will be possible to make several tastings by purchasing the DeguCards.

Beer to Beer
Collaboration with Beer to Beer renewed for the promotion of Craft Beer. In addition to free guided tours in Piazza Foro Boario by the breweries. It will be available beer card will with the list of all the participants and the craft beers on offer.

Moreover from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th, at the info point in Piazza Foro Boario, it will be possible to buy the branded glass “Beer To Beer” to better enjoy all the craft beers. For purchase and  reservations, simply send an email to

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