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Circonomia: first appointment in Pollenzo

On 25th Maya t 9.30 am at the University of Pollenzo, Allessandro Gassman will award the “Green Heroes” during the opening ceremony of the Circonomia festival.

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Circonimia is ready to start, the Festival dedicated to the circular economy and to the local energies, this year starts from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, the opening ceremony is scheduled on 25th May with the special participation of Alessandro Gassman.

During the opening ceremony Alessandro Gassman will meet and award the “Green heroes”, those people and enterprises chosen by the “Kyoto Club” as “Italian champions”.

During the last few months, the famous actor, with the Kyoto Club experts, has spread on his Twitter account @GassmanGassmann, the stories of people and enterprises which are working hard to guarantee an eco-sustainable future for the planet.

Present the ceremony Silvio Barbero of Slow Food and Annalisa Corrado of the Kyoto Club.

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