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Florete Flores: floral and leaf art

The theme of the fourth edition, that will take place on 1st and 2nd June in Vicoforte will display a colourful “world”.

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Florete Flores is a quality gardening market which will invade the parvis of the Baroque sanctuary which boasts of the largest elliptical dome in the world.

Seasonal flowers, roses, pot herbs and aquatic plants, trees and garden shrubs, succulent plants, small fruits and many other plants will be exposed by dozens of nurserymen coming from Piedmont, Tuscany, Liguria and Lombardy.

For the first time colourful birds, fishes, chickens, rabbits and courtyard animals will animate the event.

The main theme of the 2019 edition is colour, but, in addition, there will be a tree to deepen origins, traditions and uses.

In a special area of Florete Flores we will talk about chestnut, its cultivation and the phytosanitary problems that have affected it during the last few years. It will be possible to taste  local chestnut based products such as beers, honey and fresh pasta.

And much more: the xylotheque of Vicoforte will expose a new collection, moreover you can join guided tours, workshops, lab and the Luscher test to discover what colours tell to us. And for the most adventurous people it could be the right occasion to climb the sanctuary dome and see the city and the market from a privileged observation point!

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