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Artico Festival, third edition

Nitro, Giorgio Poi, Any Other and Sorrowland will be on Friday 21st and on Saturday 22nd June in the Bra Zizzola park.

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Artico Festival brings the musicians at the doors of Langhe and Roero, on the hill which dominates the city, in the astonishing frame of the ZIzzola park, which will be the landscape of all the concerts held here and the activities of the festival, included workshops, market&food.

Nitro will be the protagonist of the first evening, with his album “No comment”; while retaining an underground imprint, it consecrated him as one of the new big names in the rap scene, beating the Italian streaming record of a single album in 24 hours on Spotify and obtaining the gold record just three weeks after its release.

The same evening, in the opening, the Sorrowland, the eclectic collective formed by Osore, Gino Tremila and Giovanni Vipra, who with the avant-pop / emo crossover is presented as one of the most innovative proposals and able to capture the interest of a heterogeneous audience, ranging from the trap to the electronic and indie.

Saturday, June 22nd is the turn of Giorgio Poi, he is back from last year American tour in support of the Phoenix and in the band for the Calcutta concerts; he has recently released his second album Smog. Lyricist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, the singer-songwriter is a unique example within the Italian music scene.

The beginning of Saturday evening is entrusted to Any Other, a project by Adele Nigro, a rising star of Italian music, defined as the best Italian musician by the magazine Rolling Stone. He is back on the Artico Festival stage as a soloist, after having accompanied Colapesce’s concert last year on the guitar and vocals.

The Xanax Party on Friday and the Avanzi di balera on Saturday will make everyone dance with their dj sets; the opening of the concerts is entrusted to two emerging Piedmontese talents: Nebbiolo, who has just released his debut album “Un classic” and the Cuneo rapper, Shame, known among other things for having obtained the Guinness World Record of Freestyle for the most number of consecutive hours of improvisation (25 hours).

During all the festival there will be events and afternoon activities, first of all, on Saturday, the reading by the writer Paolo Nori. The Friday aperitif time will be focused on illustration and comics, with the dj set by DR. PIRA with Lorenzo Mò’s live painting. Also confirmed for this edition is the collective exhibition, the result of a call for illustrators involving artists from all over Italy (open until May 31, info on The theme chosen that the participants click is Nocturnal Animals.

Moreover this year, the area dedicated to street food will be further expanded and active since the afternoon. The public will be able to choose between a great variety of quality food and a selection of craft beers, strolling before the concerts among the Switch on Market stands, the creative market of handicrafts, vintage, independent publishing and illustration.

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