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Collisioni: Bread Religion

Bread Religion, the rock food event is coming to the courtyard of the Barolo Castle on 5th July!

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The sandwich, one of the most common take away food will become a tasting and gourmet dish according to a correct Mediterranean diet. 
A night dedicated to the high quality Italian flours and to the art of the gourmet sandwich.

7 starred chefs will create unique pairings to satisfy all the people present in the Piazza Rossa (Red area) of Collisioni! 

The chefs, interviewed by the curator of the gourmet column “La tavola” of L’Espresso and gastronomic critic, Paolo Vizzarri, will tell their experiences.  Not only food, but also music, from the Diecicento35 with Carla Rovito, Marco Bressello and Lorenzo Bulgarini, from the dj set of Cristiano Bologna, Alessio Olivieri, Francesco Busso and Manuel Barbero “TuttaFuffa” with their overwhelming mix to the show of Supalova on Tour, king of the Italian clubbin   Joe T Vannelli   with the Vannelli Bros and Silvano Del Gado.

The gourmet sandwiches will be served along with Asti Secco and Moscato, and many different cocktails prepared by the master mixologists of the Compagnia dei Caraibi with Malfy Gin and Vermouth RiservaCarlo Alberto. To end in sweetness there will be the sweets created by  Baratti&Milano.
The following chefs will be present: Eugenio Boer, Eugenio Ronconi, Alessandro Mecca, Fabio Poppa, Andrea Larossa, Marco Visciola and Francesco Oberto.

The event, organised by Farine Petra, Drogheria Alba along with Collisioni, is free and suitable for all the food and music lovers

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