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Sounds from the Hills the Langhe & Roero at the castle of Verduno

After the preview with the concert “Happy Birthday Unesco”, Friday, July 5th starting from 9 pm in the magnificent castle of Verduno kicks off the 2019 edition of “Sounds from the Hills of Langhe & Roero”, the review of classical music belonging of the wider project “Alba Music Festival”.

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The opening concert at the Verduno Castle, “Solevoci” will be a tribute to some of the most important voices in the history of music, from John Lennon to Duke Ellington, with  the special presence  of the Teatro Regio di Torino Choir Artists on the stage.

The second event, Sunday 7 July, will start at 12 and it will take place in the Monterotondo di Torresina forest, a truly spectacular and exciting show, with the presence of the Classical Orchestra from Alessandria and the Macedonian oboist Gordana Josifova Nedelkovska.

An entire month (until 4th August) dedicated to high-level classical music with concerts almost every day with the presence of artists coing from all over the world. The stage of the concerts will be some of the most evocative and fascinating places of the UNESCO heritage, the hills of Langhe & Roero, little gems often too little known even by the Piedmontese themselves: from the squares and castles of the small villages perched on the many hills in the area, with a breathtaking view, to the noble palaces and villas, from the baroque churches to the historic cellars where wines are known all over the world and in the heart of the woods that develop in the area.

The aim of the Festival is to bring high-level classical music among people, to make it known in a more informal and light way, and at the same time to promote the landscape, artistic, cultural and enogastronomic excellences of this enchanting corner of Piedmont, which lends itself very well to being a natural and architectural stage.

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