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Ricossa Acqui DOCG Rosé

The story of Ricossa is a story of loyalty to territory and tradition, a blend of resourcefulness, professionalism and ingenuity which transformed a small provincial distillery into an international brand. The Ricossa family were the owners of an award-winning distillery at the end of the 1800’s on the outskirts of Asti in the region of Piedmont. Today, nearly a century later, the Ricossa story continue blending Italian tradition and geniality for the production of quality wine. Ricossa source grapes for their products and value their strong collaboration with local farmers. All grapes are grown and harvested throughout Piedmont.

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Grape types
Brachetto 100%.

Cooling of grape bunches, whole bunch pressing between 50-55% of the initial weight, cold static settling, inoculation of selected yeasts.

Maturation takes place for seven months in stainless steel on its own yeast, Malolactic fermentation takes place only if necessary. 3 months are recommended in bottle.

Main features
Powder pink color which evolves into a pink shade of onion skin with ageing; characterized by balsamic herbs and minerally hints reminiscent of flint. As the wine is acclimated to the glass, you will discover a bouquet of flowers including wisteria and a fruity note of currant, gooseberry and wild strawberry. The character of the grape highlights a decisive note in the finish which identifies its origin; Crisp, energetic, full wine with typical firmness of the Brachetto vinified in white.

It is recommended with fish dishes and raw meats, soft cheeses preferably of cow’s milk.

Service temperature 
4-6° C


The selection of vineyards is based on vines of over thirty years, modest productions, areas where the “Marino” blows. The winemaking intends to highlight the less known side of the mature cultivations of the Brachetto grape, that is the mineral profile and the olfactory refinement. The key words of this wine are in fact: minerality, depth and bond with the soil. Most of the grapes come from Sessame, an ancient production area of ​​Brachetto between 250 and 450 meters above sea level, whose name is thought to derive from the Latin “sei anime”, it tells of six souls that survived a landslide that swept the whole town in medieval times.

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