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6 Piedmont municipalities get the “Spighe Verdi” award

“Spighe Verdi” is a project of the FEE– Foundation for Environmental Education, created to lead rural municipalities, step after step, to choose new management strategies to improve the territory, the community life quality and to help the environment.

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This morning in the national seat of Confindustria, in Rome, the “Spighe Verdi 2019” were consigned to the winning rural municipalities, this award is such as the “Blue Flag” for the tourist-seaside locations.

Piedmont along with Tuscany and the Marche, leads the ranking of the awarded municipalities with six towns:  Alba, Santo Stefano Belbo and Vicoforte located in the Cuneo province, Canelli in the province of Asti, Volpedo in the province of Alessandria and Pralormo in the province of Turin.

This edition awards a total of 42 rural municipalities, which can boast of the recognition, obtained after a long and precise procedure to whom they joined, thanks to the contribution of many institutional bodies, such as  the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea; the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies; the Forest, Environmental and Agribusiness Protection Unit of the Carabinieri; the ISPRA; the CNR and Confagricoltura.

“Spighe Verdi” is an efficient instrument to enhance out rural heritage.

It was born thanks to the It is based on FEE thirty-year experience, present in 76 countries, for the management of the international program “Blue Flag”, a voluntary eco-label assigned to the seaside tourist resorts.

Agriculture has a priority role in this programme because it is here that the true cultural revolution must take place and Confagricoltura could only collaborate with the FEE, which is already engaged on this front with the EcoCloud project which inspires many of the indicators that photograph the  management policies of the territory and directs them towards criteria of maximum attention to sustainability (public participation; education for sustainable development; the correct use of the land; the presence of typical agricultural productions, sustainability and innovation in agriculture; quality of the tourist offer, the existence and the degree of functionality of the purification plants, the management of waste with particular regard to the separate collection, the enhancement of the naturalistic areas possibly present on the territory and the landscape, the care of urban furniture; accessibility for all people without barriers).

The “Spighe Verdi” 2019 were assigned in 13 regions, one more than the past edition. The three Region with the major number of recognitions are Marche, Tuscany and Piedmont, all with 6 municipalities.

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