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Notturni nelle Rocche: Pirates’ journey

The Roero night walk will be animated by the theatre company “Perla Corsara”.

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A new appointment with the Notturni nelle Rocche, the summer night-walking show that involves the whole Roero, with a new entry: the village of Monticello d’Alba.

An event consisting of 18 walks, coordinated by the Eco museum Rocche del Roero.

The common thread that will connect the walks will be that of the journey, declined in an indefinite elsewhere thanks to the creativity  of actors and theatre companies in the area: Macramè, Coincidenze, Perla Corsara, Teatro delle Dieci, Piccolo Teatro di Bra, Teatro di TELA.

The actors will entertain the public with animations and readings in surreal, goliardic, funny and mysterious atmospheres. The journey, understood as the pleasure of knowledge and the discovery of new original contexts, will also be at zero kilometre. The idea behind Notturni nelle Rocche is indeed to propose a km0 tourism, proposing the local heritage in an unusual and playful dimension.

The animations and in-depth studies will be staged in the light of candles and torches in the natural stage of woods, chestnut groves and vineyards, and at the end of each walk a goodnight snack will be offered to the participants, hot herbal teas, biscuits, typical products and seasonal fruit.

The walks last about two hours, including entertainment and they take place on paths that do not present particular technical difficulties. The use of sports shoes is compulsory and the torch and the stick are strongly recommended.

Participants are advised to bring their own cup or glass to avoid using disposable plastic glasses. Dogs with a leash are welcome.

Bike Nocturnes

Another opportunity is the Notturno Bike: as well as on foot, it is possible to enjoy a “Nottoruno” going on mountain bike rides on alternative routes (Tuesday 3rd September), accompanied by MTB masters from the Langhe & Roero MTB Association. The bikers will re-join the hiker groups in the moments of animation and final refreshment. For night bikers,  helmet and lights are required. Upon reservations it is possible to rent the bike and the equipment.

The cost of the walk is € 6.00. Reservation not required

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