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Il Boscareto Resort & Spa

The Boscareto Resort & Spa is a place of enchantment immersed in the vineyards, on the top of a hill cultivated with nebbiolo, which overlooks the most fascinating places of a land rich in history, literature and traditions.

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Via Roddino, 21 – 12050 Serralunga d’Alba
Tel: 0173 613036


It was born in 2009 from an idea of ​​the Dogliani family, Il Boscareto Resort & Spa is a unique place, which adds to a traditional and cosmopolitan territory the perfect dimension of the five-star luxury and the intimate sense of care and attention of a family. It is able to interpret and convey to guests a deep passion for hospitality and quality. The resort is suspended in the silence of nature, but it is located just few minutes from the city of Alba. All-around it there are the hills and vineyards that enclose the excellence of the great Barolo winesancient village and the most authentic sense of the Langhe tradition.

The building shows a contemporary architecture: it is a modern castle that offers the maximum comfort and cutting-edge technology that respects the value of the surrounding environment, remaining strongly linked to traditions. In fact, many of the materials used in the construction, such as Langa stone, Vico stone (from Vicoforte) and ash wood, come from the territory.

In the rooms and in all the common areas, glass is predominant, allowing the surrounding landscape and the changing seasons to enter the interior.

Cascina Boscareto (one of the nine estates of the Cantina Beni di Batasiolo winery, property of the Dogliani family), it was chosen for its unique geographical and panoramic position, surrounded by thirty-three hectares of its own vineyards, in the heart of the Langhe. The construction works began in 2006 and ended after three years, on 18th October 2009.


The Boscareto Resort & Spa has 39 rooms including 10 suites. The large spaces are the common feature of all the environments: from the large corridors, to the living rooms, to the rooms that measure from thirty to eighty square meters. In every room there is a welcoming and bright atmosphere thanks to the silk fabrics that cover the walls and the large windows that form natural paintings to be observed without ever getting tired. The interior furnishings, designed ad hoc and handcrafted, are in dyed maple and match the colour of each room. The technology in the rooms includes audio, Wi-Fi, TV and Bang & Olufsen audio systems.

The Sovrana Spa

La Sovrana is the SPA dedicated to relaxation and body care, is divided on two floors. At the upper floor there is the Sala delle acque, with its swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gym; it offers the cutting-edge of Technogym equipment, perfect for getting back into shape; at lower level there are the massage and treatment suites, the make-up and hairstyle room, the Finnish sauna, the aromatic Turkish bath, the frigidarium, the emotional and reaction showers, and a relaxation corner with a fireplace where you can sip tea and relaxing herbal teas. Outside, the solarium welcomes guests in an open-air living room. The retractable system of the windows of the Water Room allows guests direct access to the outside, immersing in the natural environment or enjoying the pleasant breeze during the summer season. In winter the windows offer the emotion of a warm bathroom with a view of the snow-covered hills.

At all times guests will find a passionate team at La Sovrana Spa and the he constant search for the most innovative products and the most effective techniques. The eastern component is marked, consolidated by targeted in-depth journeys of staff in India in the most authentic Ayurveda centres. Since 2017 La Sovrana Spa has opened up to a wider research on the best of cosmetics. The products currently used are Skinceuticals, Bergila, Benefica, Aveda, but the aim is to constantly update the range by identifying the most effective innovations. The Sovrana wellness rituals remain the cornerstone, with a personalised initial interview, aromatherapy and warm clothes.

The Events Room

An extraordinary landscape, the rows of the great Barolo wines that wind around guiding the eye on the enchanting hills of the Langhe, a structure capable of combining luxury and personalized care for each guest, the rooms with modern and elegant charm, the SPA La Sovrana to leave to shoulders every tension. The Boscareto Resort & SPA is the ideal environment to plan an event, personal or corporate, combining beauty, excellence of service, visits to the famous places of this territory, such as Alba and its great tradition for white truffles.

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