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“Lurisia – Ventimiglia”: trekking from the Alpi del Mare

From Lurisia to Ventimiglia on horseback in four days. This is the goal of the high mountain trek organised by La Canunia, a national reference centre for equestrian hiking. The event will take place from August 30th to September 2nd.

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This year, the trekking celebrates its 20th anniversary since its first edition: it was in fact 1999 when this journey was covered for the first time, in five days, by eleven pairs. An itinerary that already touched the Valle Pesio and the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps, to then continue on the Italian-French border, the mountains of Liguria, the Nervia valley and the Val Roya and then descend towards the Ligurian capital. The second edition, organised in four days, took place in 2009.

And now is time for the 3rd one, with 20 experienced horses and riders coming from Piedmont and Liguria. Destination of the 1st stage, the Don Barbera Refuge. On the 2nd day, after reaching the Bassa di Sanson and in the afternoon the Balconi di Marta and Monte Grai, the participants will have a stop for the night at the Colle della Melosa, thanks to the hospitality of the “Locanda / Restaurant” Colle Melosa and the Agriturismo “Il Rifugio” at Colle Langan. Third day downhill towards Lake Tenarda, Pigna and arrival in Gouta, where the stop will be at the namesake refuge.

Last day on the watershed between Valle Nervia and Valle Roya and subsequent detour on the Mediterranean Balcony path to reach Rocchetta Nervina, located just a few kilometres from Ventimiglia.

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