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“Sport in Piazza” a Mondovì

The sport festival is back! It will take place Sunday 15th September in piazza Monteregale from 2.

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Promoting a healthy lifestyle, sport values, such as socialisation and, not least, to make young people experience different sports, that can be practiced in the city. These are only some of the main goals  of the “Sport in Piazza” event, which has been held in all the cities of Piedmont from several years. A real sports festival dedicated to children and young people of primary and secondary schools.

In the city of Mondovì, the event will take place Sunday 15th September 2019, from at 1.30 pm, in Piazza Monteregale, when young citizens will have the opportunity to try their hand in the most varied sports, from the most classic to the less conventional.

As always, participation in the day will be free: the activities will start at 2pm and continue until 6pm, with a snack break offered to all participants. The children and young people who will have experienced all the sports during the afternoon will participate in the great final lottery, with the extraction of the  rich prizes offered by the sponsors.

The event is organised by the Municipality of Mondovì with the patronage of the Regional Council of Piedmont and the Province of Cuneo, with the contribution of the CRC Foundation and with the support of Lions Clubs, Leo Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Ferrero and Ipercoop.

 and it is possible, also this year, thanks to the availability of the many associations and sports clubs present in the area, which, thanks to the qualified presence of their instructors, who will take care of young athletes.

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