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Cheese 2019: “Natural is possible”

The theme of the twelfth edition is dedicated to the small agricultural companies, which make special products with the milk of their animals and they mainly practice grazing, producing raw milk cheeses without selected ferments or with self-produced ferments.

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Natural cheeses, but not only

In via Marconi you will find a fine selection of cured meat and natural bread producers, because the attention to the natural is not only about cheese, but  it represents a wider challenge, told by the Market exhibitors and through Conferences. If talking about food implies to talk about all its links, nothing is better than listen to the stories of the “human libraries”, where books are actually real men and women, ready to tell their experiences to the visitors.  Syria, Somalia, Peru, Haiti, Serbia….the courtyard of Slow Food Editore, located in via Audisio 5, offers a unique experience, thanks to the ‘Food is culture’ project, promoted by Slow Food along with other four European organisations, (Kinookus, Transpond, Nova Iskra Creative Hub and  Europa Nostra). The migration theme is developed through the event “Le ricette del dialogo: la strada dell’inclusione” (The Dialogue recipes: the road for inclusion), a special way to tell some of the most meaningful projects of intercultural comparison through the food.

This edition welcome also some news of the Fucina Pizza Pane Pastry set up in the courtyard of the  Scuole Maschili, in partnership with Agugiaro & Figna Molini, which, this year will be represented by an all-female crew and entirely dedicated to pizza chefs, bakers and pastry chefs from all over Italy.

New Presidia, aperitifs with the producers, agricultural  and cheese production insights: you will find this and much more in the Casa della Biodiversità, hosted, as always, in the courtyard of the Scuole Medie. Nearby, there will be many food and wine options, offered by the Cucine di stradaChioschi Regionali and the Casa Libera del Burro, a special experimentation area, created by Inalpi.

The real protagonists of the event

Cheeses coming from all over the world will be at total disposal of the most demanding palates in the Italian and International Market held in Piazza Carlo Alberto, in Piazza Roma and in via Audisio. Here you can see and taste every kind and shapes of cheeses, from the most seasoned ones to the hard and soft texture, but also jams, marmalades, honey and mustards….In addition to producers you will have the possibility to meet the historical handicraftmen of the Via degli affinatori, among those you can find many traditional products, but also interesting news. In via Principi di Piemonte, as always, you can find the Italian and foreign Slow Food Presidia, symbol of the commitment of Slow Food to protect the local and traditional raw materials, which hand down history, flavours and traditions. Special guests of the market will be the Lazio areas hit by the earthquake, which will offer their products on the Food Truck Street Foody, bought thanks to the Slow Food fundraiser “La buona strada”: stories of renaissance, hope and resistance, told through high-quality cheeses.

Going up towards the upper part of the city, you will meet, in  Via Vittorio Emanuele II, L’erba che vorrei, the recreational and didactic path in stages, designed for the public of all ages. From herbs to animal well-being, from milks to crafts: many panels will show to the visitors how articulated the dairy chain is and the main differences between natural raw milk cheeses and industrial productions.

In Via Mendicità Istruita, you cannot miss the Slow Food House, here is the headquarters of the association founded in 1986: this space is reserved to welcome historical and new members and here you can have all the information for a conscious and informed visit of the event, deepen its contents and find out what not to lose.

The Grande sala dei Formaggi is hosted in Corso Garibaldi with more than 100 cheeses coming from France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland and many other countries, with their national and international Presidia; in the Winery you can sip more than 600 labels selected by the Banca del Vino, explained by the Fisar sommeliers. A special place is then dedicated to the natural products, to the cheeses produced with no  industrial ferments and to the Triple A wines.

If you want to know something more about the publishing news of Slow Food Editore, you can join the initiatives and the aperitifs with the producers of the Gastronomic Sciences University or have a sweet break in Piazza del Gelato. The appointment is in Piazza XX Settembre, with the Cheese Official Partners, each one with a rich programme: the ideal tour ends in Piazza Spreitenbach with a pint of beer, in Piazza della Birra, to sip with the special food prepared by the Cucine di strada and the Food truck. The area of  Assopiemonte PDO & PGI – Regione Piemonte, dedicated to the Terre Alte and animated by many events, bring the light on the hilly and mountain areas, seen as the ideal places for a sustainable agriculture, which will increase hope and income, to develop a tourism respectful and hungry of knowledge.

For all the fil lovers, there will be Cheese on the Screen, a series of film projects and documentaries, dedicated to sustainable agriculture, to cheese production and to the environment safeguard, realised with the collaboration of the two cinemas of Bra. On the stage of the Teatro Politeama there will be the show of Aboca AquaDueO, where the Banda Osiris and Telmo Pievani, the philosopher of science, will tell the delicate equilibriums of the “blue planet”.

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