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A thousand fossil finds donated to the “Craveri”

Collector Franco Betta has donated a thousand fossils that will enrich the collection of the Civic Natural History Museum of Bra.

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Info: Città di Bra – Museo civico Craveri
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The choice has come up thanks to the friendship with the two organizers of the city market exhibition of minerals “GeoBra”, Emanuele Rambaudi and Marco Terenzi, which allowed the donor to deepen his knowledge about the city museum. The samples were delivered to the museum in via Craveri, 15 in the presence of the mayor Gianni Fogliato, who hailed the donation as a precious opportunity to increase the museum’s paleontological collections.

There are about 1000 finds dating back mainly to the Pliocene (geological period that lasted from 5.3 to 3.6 million years ago) and to the Miocene (from 23 to 5.3 million years ago), the result of research by the . Betta with his friend Roberto Ecclesia. The fossils constituted a young interest for Betta, then moved to the world of minerals, of which the donor is an attentive collector and researcher.

The collection ranges from pieces of scientific interest (Isognomon maxillatus, fossil-guide of the Pliocene), to those of greater aesthetic value (large Otrea, Murex brandaris torularius). There is no lack of curiosity, such as the shell of a gastropod, reused by an oyster after the death of the animal to make it their home, or a sample containing fossil leaves, once used in an agricultural context as a border term. The specimens will be catalogued and listed and will make it possible to integrate the exhibitions of the two rooms of general and local geo palaeontology of the City Museum.

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