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LINEA VERDE brings the Piedmont Mountains on Rai1

Sunday, September 29th, at 12.20 pm, on RaiUno, the LINEA VERDE transmission will be in Piedmont to tell the story of the mountains, where interesting experiments of community management of the territory are underway that have been carried out in recent years and that foresee an action to recover agricultural land and forestry, very often uncultivated and abandoned.

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The broadcast, to be seen also on RaiPlay, at this link and carried out with the support of the Piedmont Region and Misura 1 of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme, will propose to its over 3 million spectators travel through some mountain areas of Piedmont, where depopulation seemed inexorable and where, today, innovative activities arise.

The cameras, for example, will show the harvest in Alta Langa, where the cultivation of the vine has moved higher and higher, giving new life to the territory with the “Metodo Classico” an excellence famous all around the world. In Val Maira they will talk about how this place has become one of the most loved by foreign tourists, thanks to the hiking trails, the recovered alpine villages and the high quality food and wine offer. A service will then follow the Val Grana, up to the mountain pastures above the town of Castelmagno, where the extraordinary cheese was born and will show us how the lower ground is recovered to make room for a new cultivation: that of the prized black truffle.

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