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Borgo San Dalmazzo hosts the antiques fair

“Once upon a time in Bertello …” is the first of the autumn appointments in the former factory, waiting for the 450th edition of the “Fiera Fredda”.  

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The suggestion of a rare object, the emotion of bringing home a piece of history or that of finding a piece of furniture with a taste of the past. Palazzo Bertello is preparing to host “Once upon a time in Bertello …”, the first antiques fair in Borgo San Dalmazzo, scheduled for Saturday 5ty and Sunday 6th October. Visitors will find many antiques, from paper to vinyl, from furniture to furnishing items, in a free entry space open from 10am to 7pm.

A two-day event that will allow visitors to browse through the numerous stands set up for the occasion in the former Borgarino factory, site of the traditional Fiera Fredda, which will be also the setting for the October events.

“Palazzo Bertello is a former graphic institute that today lends itself well to hosting events and meetings for the city, thanks also to a perfect location, right in the centre – says Gian Paolo Beretta, mayor of Borgo San Dalmazzo -. A great place to get people not only from Borgo San Dalmazzo but also from the valleys, responding to the needs of the area. The events organized within it make it possible to make the structure known, to promote various kinds of events and to involve a wide public “. Meanwhile, the expectation for the 450th edition of the Cold Fair is growing, scheduled from 4 to 8 December in Borgo San Dalmazzo, with a rich programme in the name of tradition.

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