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Movie tellers – Movie Narrations

On Friday 4th October, at the Multilanghe Cinema, the 3rd edition the Movie Tellers – a Cinema Narrations project, which continues to grow, involving an increasing number of cinemas and people.

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From 1st to 31st October the 12 selected titles – 4 feature films, 4 documentaries, 4 short films – will arrive in 27 cities in the 8 provinces of Piedmont, giving rise to a rich review with 137 screenings in 35 appointments.

The Multilanghe Cinema of Dogliani (piazza Gorizia, 9), is one of the cinemas selected with Agis-Anec Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta that have joined the Movie Tellers distribution circuit and FRIDAY 4th OCTOBER the event stops here with 1 short film, 1 documentary and 1 feature film selected from the recent film production linked to the region. A sophisticated and at the same time designed program for a diverse audience.

Dogliani’s appointment starts at 6.00 pm with a short film that has earned the support of the Turin Piedmont Film Commission – Short Film Fund, in the beginning of the Turin Daniele Nicolosi, shot in Cameri (No), which is participating in various Italian and international festivals to continue at 6.15 pm with Sa femina accabadora by Fabrizio Galatea, produced by the Turin-based Zenit Arti Audiovisive and filmed in Sardinia, where they are rooted in the legendary figure of the accabadora, women who until the 1960s practiced an ancient form of euthanasia.

Also this year the partnership with Slow Food Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta is renewed, to which is added the Nova Coop which from 8.15 pm will give life to a tasting of local products, an ideal prelude to the screening that will open the evening at 9.00 pm. As in the previous edition, Movie Tellers will give a taste of one of the tributes of the upcoming Turin Film Festival (22 – 30 November 2019), dedicated to the Turin writer and director MARIO SOLDATI. Twenty years after his death, it will be possible to retrace, thanks to the patronage of Rai and in collaboration with Rai Teche, some stages of what is in effect the precursor of the numerous formats that unite TV and gastronomy: Travel in the Po valley – To search for wholesome foods.

In closing, at 9.30pm, Dolcissime by the Alexandrian director Francesco Ghiaccio, shot in Turin in various locations between Mirafiori Sud, Pozzo Strada and Corso San Maurizio and presented at the 48th Giffoni Film Festival. Francesco Ghiaccio will be guest of the evening, accompanied by two of the films interpreters.

In each of the appointments the public will be able to attend the screening of 4 films and spend time with the convivial moments of the aperitifs, with an admission ticket of € 7 (reduced € 4).


DOGLIANI, Cinema Multilanghe (piazza Gorizia, 9)


DOGLIANI, Multilanghe Cinema (piazza Gorizia, 9)

6 pm| In principio di Daniele Nicolosi

6.30 pm | Sa Femina Accabadora by Fabrizio Galatea

8.15 pm | Tasting by Slow Food in collaboration with Nova Coop

9 pm | Journey in the Po valley – Tribute to Mario Soldati

9.30 pm | Dolcissime di Francesco Ghiaccio


In principio di Daniele Nicolosi (Italy, 2018, 20’, col.)
Performers: Giovanni Anzaldo, Giorgio Colangeli, Alice Piano, Fabio Zito, Asia Aguiari

Fattore Piemonte: the director is from Turin. Produced by the Metropolis Film Association of Orbassano with the support of the FCTP – Short Film Fund, the short film was shot in Cameri (No).

Synopsis: A man wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world, where few survivors roam the Earth like restless shadows. The man goes along desolate lands, crossed by militias armed to the teeth and directed towards a big city, in search of his family. In his long wanderings he meets an old survivor, busy consuming a frugal meal in an abandoned building. Devoured by hunger, the two share the lean dinner and begin a dialogue with puzzling implications.

Sa Femina Accabadora di Fabrizio Galatea (Italy, 2018, 52’, col.)
Performers: Piero Bardanzellu, Anna Carta, Don Francesco Mariani, Gian Paolo Mele, Giuseppe Maria Saba

Fattore Piemonte: produced by Zenit Arti Audiovisive, a reality from Turin as well as the director and co-founder of

production house. Made with the support of the FCTP – Piemonte Doc Film Fund.

Synopsis: The female accabadora is a woman who practiced an ancient form of euthanasia, a pitiful act against the dying man, with a dry hammer blow. Considered by many as a legendary figure of the Sardinian tradition, in reality it actually existed and played an active role until the 1960s, as the film’s protagonists tell, eyewitnesses to the deeds of the ladies of the good death. Together with them the director crosses the sunny landscapes of Sardinia and plunges into the shadowy areas of an age-old culture still alive in the present, which brings back to eternal and ever-present questions about life and the right to death.

Dolcissime di Francesco Ghiaccio (Italy, 2019, 85’, col)
Performers: Giulia Barbuto Costa Da Cruz, Alice Manfredi, Margherita De Francisco, Giulia Fiorellino, Valeria Solarino, Vinicio Marchioni, Licia Navarrini.

Fattore Piemonte: shot in Turin, between Mirafiori Sud, Pozzo Strada and Corso San Maurizio, the film bears the signature of the Casalese director Francesco Ghiaccio.

Synopsis: Mariagrazia, Chiara and Letizia are inseparable friends forced to come to terms every day with the hated extra kilos, including teasing mates and giggles in school runners. After yet another humiliation, an unexpected opportunity for redemption comes from the idea of ​​forming a synchronized swimming team and taking part in the school championship. To help them in this impossible undertaking, the popular Alice, “enemy” forced by blackmail to train them in secret and teach them everything she has learned in many years of competitive activity. The trio will eventually become a quartet, day after day, exercise after exercise, smile after smile.

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