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Recondite Harmonies 2019

The review “Recondite Armonie” continues with three, last, appointments:

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  •  Saturday 5th October in Cherasco at 9 pm, at the Church of Sant ‘Agostino the Vox Armonica Polyphonic Choir will be performed by Sergio Daniele with “Ave Santissima Maria”.
    Born in 2002 with the intention of spreading choral music especially in the youth world, the polyphonic choir “Vox Armonica”, under the direction of Maestro Sergio Daniele, grew quickly, cultivating enthusiasm and skills. Although his members were all in the early stages of vocal music, the satisfactions of performances throughout Italy and abroad were not lacking. For the occasion, the team presents a Marian-inspired program, confirming its vocal flexibility as well as the cultural intentions of the initial project with pieces of varied historical-geographical origin (from the Renaissance of Arcadelt or Aichinger to the modern age of Rips), which finds in singing an important moment of individual and collective growth.
  • Sunday 6th October in Racconigi, at the Church of Santa Croce, at 9 pm, on the stage the “Collegium Pro Musica” with Stefano Bagliano conductor and recorder, Ubaldo Rosso transverse flute, Lorenzo cavasanti straight flutes and traverses, Alberto Pisani cello and Massimiliano Faraci harpsichord.

“G.P. Telemann: Barock Tafelmusik ”Certified since the times of the Egyptians and Romans, the practice of table music, that is, to brighten the banquet with dance, sounds and songs, turns into a real genre in the 17th and 18th centuries in the French area and German, which draws from the sonata and the suite an elaborate and elegant instrumental language, mimesis of the refined ways of the eighteenth-century gentleman, never, not even at lunch, disposable.

  • Sunday, October 27th last meeting at Palazzo Taffini in Savigliano at 4pm with “La Griselda” by the Ensemble Z.E.B.O. On stage, Elena Zegna actress, Patrizia Durando soprano, Giorgio Leonida Tosi viella / voice, Massimo Lombardi lute.

There was a time when literature and music were not known as separate disciplines; nor did the fruition of the story or novel take place through individual reading. There were those who narrated aloud and those who listened to accompanying them with music: Boccaccio himself affirms this in his Decameron. “La Griselda” is a legend of the marquisate but also has its developments in other European countries. This has become, in a certain historical period, the “model” of the ideal marriage. T. Giraudo will introduce us in the historical review; the psychoanalyst Susana Morath (member of the Association Lacanienne International), will conclude the event by reporting on the condition of women in relation to marriage.

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