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At the castle of Roddi “Cosa bolle in pentola?”

Saturday, October 5th, in the ancient manor of Roddi, the adventures of “What boils in the pot?”, The “greedy stories” that bring children to the world of food, in all its aspects and forms, are back.

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At 4 pm the little participants will be able to discover every detail on the history of bread and its ingredients in a fun and interactive animation activity in which to discover the most ancient and traditional flavors, touch, smell, experiment and finally taste.

The meeting will last about an hour inside the Langa castle where there is also a trace of an ancient oven.


The activity is proposed by the Barolo & Castles Foundation in collaboration with Oz – Officine Zeta. The recommended age ranges from 3 to 10 years.

Cost of the activity: 6 euros per child.

During the activity, the parents of the participating children can visit the castle at a special price of 3 euros instead of 5.

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